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Graphic Designer/Videographer/Photographer - Pro-Kurds United (PKU)

Opportunity Detail

Position requirements: • Be present at 75% of club meetings, events, activities and campaigns Tasks: • Be present at 75% of club meetings and events • Provide coverage of 75% of all club activities, projects, events and actions • Design posters for 75% of all club promotional material including our logo, social media graphics, event posters and advocacy posters. Fill out this google form to apply:

Detail Notes

Pro-Kurds United (PKU) is a human rights advocacy group at the University of Toronto that aims to unite Kurdish and non-Kurdish supporters of the Kurdish struggle(s) who are interested in advocating for Kurdish human rights. The main goal of the club is to host educational and political events (panels, conferences, protests/actions, awareness campaigns) that prioritize raising awareness about the Kurdish struggle(s) to gain social, cultural and political recognition in the countries in which they are oppressed. This organization will aim to foster dialogue on the human rights violations that Kurdish people are confronted with on a regular basis and inform the University of Toronto community on ways they can get involved with the Kurdish struggle for freedom and recognition.

Sponsored ByPro-Kurds United at the University of Toronto

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedJan 12, 2017
Start DateJan 20, 2017
End DateSep 1, 2017
Apply BeforeJan 20, 2017
St. George
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