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Vacant executive positions within Science for Peace UofT Campus Group

Opportunity Detail

Science for Peace is a Canadian organization consisting of natural scientists, engineers, social scientists, scholars in the humanities and people from the wider community. The Science for Peace UofT Campus Group is seeking to fill vacant executive positions as follows: *VP Finance: *The VP Finance is responsible for conducting and recording the entire Club’s financial transactions and will share signing authority with the President. In addition, the VP Finance is in charge of filing for reimbursements, obtaining funding from different sources. Furthermore, the VP Finance will produce a comprehensive statement of the Club’s annual financial activities complete with all paper receipts, transaction documentation, and contact information of persons/organizations dealt with during the VP Finance’s term. Examples of such contacts include sponsors, funding sources etc. *Secretary– *This executive is in charge of communication with club members and advertising of Club events to them. The Secretary will also record the meeting minutes and email them to appropriate recipients within one week of each meeting. Moreover, this executive member is charged with the conduct of the Club elections. It is also his/her responsibility to closely monitor the Science for Peace Student Group’s email account and respond to or redirect inquiries appropriately. *VP Communications – *It is the duty of the VP Communications to maintain an updated website which includes a link to the Science for Peace website that contains information about the most current Science for Peace Student Group’s events. This executive is also responsible for maintaining the Science for Peace Student Group’s current URL. *Event Specialist - He/ she is in charge of communication with club members and advertising of Club events to them. Events Specialist will execute event plans from initial planning, set ups, food service, and other details. He/she also assists with the recruitment for executive team and new SFP Campus group members.

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedSep 13, 2017
Start DateSep 13, 2017
End DateSep 24, 2017
Apply BeforeSep 24, 2017
St. George
Mississauga (UTM)
Scarborough (UTSC)
Level Of Study
Subject Areas
Social Sciences
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences