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Community Outreach Director (2)

Opportunity Detail

Responsibilities include: facilitating and executing all club-related activities, including HPV prevention seminars in community and on-campus presentations on monitoring breast health; conceptualizing and designing new events that align with the club's mandate; contacting and recruiting experts to attend health promotion workshops; and training student committee members to facilitate community workshops. We are looking for individuals with strong communication skills and an interest in health promotion. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Detail Notes

Find descriptions of the available positions here: Find the application here: Follow us on Facebook @WHC.UofT to keep up to date with our club's activities!

Sponsored ByWomen's Health Collective

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedNov 4, 2017
Start DateNov 30, 2017
End DateApr 30, 2018
Apply BeforeNov 13, 2017
St. George
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