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Volunteer for Seniors' Day Workshops: Earn References and Experience!

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Join Student Association for Senior Support and Heart & Stroke Foundation student clubs in hosting an afternoon for the senior residents of Yee Hong retirement home; this is the second annual event! Workshops include planting/designing pots for plants, posture realignment class with certified UofT instructor, and social media demonstrations with one-on-one tutorials. This is a great opportunity to work directly with seniors while meeting executive club members! You will have the opportunity to participate in the workshops, and learn more about careers within health-related fields. You will receive all required training during a brief orientation session leading up to the event. You will also have the opportunity to obtain reference letters, as well as proof of involvement. Event day: Tuesday May 8th, 2018 Event time: please arrive by 12:30pm, and assist in clean up starting at 4pm (program runs from 1-4pm) Event break-down: there will be 3 workshops for 45 minutes each, with 15 minutes for seniors to move between activity rooms during rotations Event location: Yee Hong Garden Terrace at 90 Scottfield Dr, Scarborough, ON M1S 5W4 Please email with your full name, year of study, general program of study, and a few lines explaining your interest. Please use the subject line: Yee Hong Volunteer

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Sponsored ByYee Hong Garden Terrace

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Mailing Address
90 Scottfield Dr, Scarborough, ON M1S 5W4

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Date PostedApr 10, 2018
Start DateMay 8, 2018
End DateMay 8, 2018
St. George
Mississauga (UTM)
Scarborough (UTSC)
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Social Sciences
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences