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Call for Marketing and Finance Executives!

Opportunity Detail

Are you interested in fashion, design, and sustainability? ECOMODE is a newly-established student group focusing on sustainable fashion and lifestyle here at the St. George Campus made just for this purpose! We are the sister organization of "Project Trashion" at University of Waterloo. Currently, we're recruiting for a Director of Marketing and Director of Finance to be part of our growing team. As we continue to work on our platform of upcycled and redesigned clothing, we want to develop our relationship and network with local sustainable businesses here in Toronto for our final fashion show in September of next year, as well for our 2 preceding art shows. Our goal is to ultimately create a green economy within the city using the outlet of sustainable fashion, living spaces and lifestyle. Getting these local sustainable businesses to participate will greatly enhance the quality and experience of our final ECOMODE show. Additionally, we are also currently crafting our official website, Instagram and Facebook. Your participation and ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Detail Notes

Duties for Director of Marketing include assisting the President and VP in reaching out to Torontonian sustainable fashion businesses for partnerships, recruiting for social media managers, updating social media content, understanding the UofT student audience and leading your own marketing team. Duties for Director of Finance include assisting with business partnerships, budgeting, auditing group expenses/funding, and working with the Marketing Team in crafting student campaigns. To apply to be a part of our team, simply send over an email to with your name, the position you want and an idea of what you want to see happen in the field of sustainable fashion. We are looking for creativity, not resumes!

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Opportunity Details

Date PostedJan 13, 2019
Start DateJan 21, 2019
End DateSep 30, 2019
St. George
Level Of Study
We don't believe in strict assessment of resumes as part of our recruitment process. Any student at UofT may apply to be part of our team. Instead of looking for past experiences, we want to see innovation and creativity, so send over an idea of what you would like to see in the field of sustainable fashion with your email!