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Native Student Association

The NSA is committed to the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of the Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) student body.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Audrey Rochette
Secondary Contact
Dhanela Sivaparan
Mailing Address

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Athletics And Recreation
Renewal Date
September 30, 2017

Group Leaders

Dhanela Sivaparan
Loon Clan Leader & CFO
Audrey Rochette
Crane Clan Leader
Durika Sivaparan
Hoof Clan Leader
Roy Strebel
Bear Clan Leader
Jonnah Russell
Fish Clan Leader
Emma Delomier
Bird Clan Leader
Matt Cappella
Marten Clan Leader