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Asia Finance and Investment Club

Currently, there are numerous developed corporations, as well as newly formed developing organizations in Asia. China, being the world’s second largest economy in the world, is developing rapidly and is the world’s fastest growing major economy. There is the world’s largest emerging is the international financial centre in Hong Kong, which is one of the largest IPO sites. Similarly, Shanghai is also developing a free trade zone not long ago, which has the potential to rival that of the booming west. Our club’s focus is to explore the financial opportunities in the Asian area, as well as the investment channeling in the Asian market in the future. Our goal is to widen our peer’s understanding on the financial matters, and at the same time, attracting more students that do not have prior knowledge, but those with interest to join our club.

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Primary Contact
Katie Sung
Secondary Contact
Dante Miao
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Recognized Student Group
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St. George
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September 30, 2017

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Dante Miao
Vice President
Katie Sung