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University of Toronto Amateur Radio Society

When there is a total communications cell phones, no land lines, no Internet...Amateur (Ham) radio still works, and provides vital world-wide communication simply and effectively. An amateur radio station can be set up almost anywhere, and can even run on batteries.

Almost all countries, including Canada, recognize the invaluable resources that amateur radio operators, and their radio equipment, can provide in times of disaster.

Amateur radio is called "amateur" because it cannot be used for commercial purposes...not because radio amateurs are unskilled. On the contrary, many amateurs are highly skilled radio operators who know how to establish and maintain communications.

There are many aspects to amateur radio that make it enduringly popular. You can build and test all kinds of communications gear, "shoot the breeze" and talk with contacts world-wide, research radio propagation, and even help build satellites...a few among the many things possible with amateur radio.

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Primary Contact
Roy Thistle
Secondary Contact
Yehan Hathurusinghe
P: 6477634195
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22 Southampton Drive

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Recognized Student Group
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St. George
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Community Service
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September 30, 2019

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Yehan Hathurusinghe
Events Director
Roy Thistle