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Chaldean Canadian Student Association (CCSA)

The purpose, objectives, mission and/or mandate of organization is outlined here:

I. To establish a stronger threshold within the Chaldean Canadian Student community; and

II. To highlight Chaldean heritage/culture, Chaldean-Church Rite liturgy and the Chaldean (Neo-Aramaic) language. And;

III. To represent and promote Chaldean Canadian Student interests at the University of Toronto Mississauga; and

IV. To bring Chaldean Canadian Student’s together to explore changes that effect them where needed, whether academic, legislative, communal; and

V. To speak on behalf of the Chaldean Canadian Student Association population, representing a unified voice, and/or a diversity of voices, whenever required and approved by the assembly; and
VI. To work within an anti-oppressive framework providing a ground for cultural and ethnical identity discourses that relate to Chaldean Canadian Student diasporic experiences; and

VII. To build a Chaldean Canadian Student Association’s community, able to expand and connect with that in Toronto and beyond; and
VIII. To expand, empower, and develop the Chaldean Canadian Student Association community in order to improve the social, political, educational, and economic opportunities for this community at University of Toronto Mississauga, and at large.

IX. We will achieve these goals by creating workshops, holding seminars, creating discussions based on needs in our community, and providing literature and other types of information to further our associations interests and objections.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Delscher Hirmiz
Secondary Contact
Reta Bodagh
Mailing Address

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
Mississauga (UTM)
Areas of Interest
Culture And Identities
Spirituality and Faith Communities
Renewal Date
September 30, 2018

Group Leaders

Delscher Hirmiz
Reta Bodagh