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HypedMind (HMD)

HypedMind Association
at University of Toronto

Pop culture has conquered most of the social media platforms. It has been growing rapidly since late 20th and early 21st century and with no sign of slowing down. Generally speaking, pop culture refers to many different, abundant fields, such as entertainment, fashion, sports, news and technology. People with age boundaries between ten to thirty are mostly attracted to pop culture. Linguistically speaking, “hype” has a meaning of “to excite others” by using the method of publicizing something showily. “HypedMind” offers the supreme opportunity for fanatics to exchange and share experience and to allow “rookies” who are captivated by “hype” to get involved and positively influenced by it. Long-termly speaking, this may also affect their lifestyles. Pop culture has been integrated people’s daily lives; it is certain that yours is as well.

As mentioned above, pop-culture mainly focuses on the five categories and effect the way people behave; solid examples can be illustrated in real life. NBA has proximately 10 million subscriptions every game night with unbelievably numerous numbers of re-posts on social media platforms, which indicates “hype”. Strangers bond with each other based on their fandoms; newbies pick up basketballs and step on the courts. In addition to that, music, as an important element of pop-culture can be found everywhere. Stores play music for their customers; restaurant play music to enhance appetite; 90% of people wear earphones on public transportations. From “Billy Jean” to “See you again”; from Elvis to Drake. The change in music style is obvious, so is the taste of the public. Some artists have developed their own dressing styles which affect a lot of followers to start imitating them, also based on that dressing style, artists develop their own unique brand which drives the pop-culture to a new direction. The focus of “HypedMind” is to discuss pop-culture related topics and let this interesting culture to impact new crowds.

HypedMind Association is a transitional association facing multicultural members, not limited to U of T students, but also non-U of T members. HypedMind Association is led by four founders and executive officers. Executive officers will be nominated by election committee which suggests that every registered U of T member stands a chance to lead the association. HypedMind Association has a diverse leading team. There is an expert on accounting financial management who will oversee association’s expenditure and guarantee all income is used for association’s activities. Also, an activity organiser is included in the team who will be corporate with the CFO to launch attractive activities. This year, there will be activities such as sneaker conventions and music festivals. As the association developed, there will be more and more activities hold.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Yu Zhang
Secondary Contact
Lizhi Yu
P: 6478857527
Group Email Address
Contact Us
Mailing Address
763 Bay Street, Room 2115

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Hobby and Leisure
Global Interests
Renewal Date
September 30, 2018

Group Leaders

Yu Zhang
Mingze Liu
Lizhi Yu
Simian Feng