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Chinese Harmonic Network at University of Toronto (UTCHN)

The mission of this organization is to provide opportunities for performance art lovers to showcase their talents, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of various art forms.

For students and people who enjoy watching fun, inspiring and enjoyable performances as a way of entertainment, who is looking for unique and special recreational experiences, we have developed various forms and use many channels to deliver our performances to our target audiences, which will ultimately help this organization become the best source for students and people to discover in their spare times, and generate valuable experiences to enrich their lives.

The primary purpose is to enrich our extracurricular life as well as to explore and create new forms of entertainment. In our organizational perspective, our goal is to integrate talents, to form new recreational events, and to promote talented student artists; and in the audience’s perspective, our goal is to introduce new alternatives to make their extracurricular life more interesting and enjoyable.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Shi Cheng
Secondary Contact
Sitong Mu
P: 6479983919
Group Email Address
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Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Culture And Identities
Renewal Date
September 30, 2018

Group Leaders

Shi Cheng
Sitong Mu