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Bridges to Community Canada - U of T Chapter (BTCC - U of T)

Who we are: BTCC ā€“ U of T is a service learning group that will take part in an annual trip to Jinotega, Nicaragua in May. We have partnered with Bridges to Community Canada to organise this trip, and currently have a tentative week booked in May of 2018.

What we do: Our group will take part in various fundraising activities over the course of the school year aiming to raise $8,000 for the May trip. The money we raise will be put to direct use in Jinotega, as it will fund the construction of the home, and the two biodigestors that our 18 group members will be building alongside community members. Travel (to and from), and all construction will take place over the course of one week.

Objective: Our objective is to give the University of Toronto Community the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to a community in need. Service opportunities like the one our program offers are powerful tools that can be used to change the lives of so many individuals for the better. In a short week, members of the group will be exposed to a wide variety of experiences, and have their eyes opened to world of opportunity and fulfillment.

Purpose: BTCC ā€“ U of T is providing aid to a community in deserving need of our help. This community has displayed admirable perseverance and hard work over the course of the past five years (the time since BTCCā€™s involvement in the community). BTCC ā€“ U of T hopes to further improve living conditions in Jinotega, and positively affect many lives in the process.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Matthew Renaud
Secondary Contact
Anna Licht
Mailing Address

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Community Service
Environment and Sustainability
Renewal Date
September 30, 2018

Group Leaders

Anna Licht
Matthew Renaud