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Hart House Art Committee

A committee of contemporary art enthusiasts curates the walls and halls of Hart House, organizes studio visits with Toronto’s foremost artists, trips to prominent local galleries, and acquires new work for the House. The Hart House Art Committee provides students who are passionate and/or curious about the world of art (outside of lecture halls) an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and work together to connect Hart House to Toronto’s vibrant art scene.
Since its founding in 1922, the Hart House Art Committee has continuously provided its members with a sense of community and invaluable professional experience. Four distinct subcommittees—Acquisitions, Education and Outreach, Student Projects, and Arbor Room—provide the opportunity to explore various facets of the art world.

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Contact Information

Primary Contact
Cynthia Nevins
Secondary Contact
Rebecca Gimmi
P: (416) 978-8463
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Organization Type
Hart House Groups
Campus Association
St. George
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Group Leaders

Cynthia Nevins
Administrative Assistant, ILCE
Rebecca Gimmi
Staff Advisor