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Hart House Farm Committee

The Hart House Farm is an actual farm and much more. It’s an 150 acre property located on the Niagara Escarpment, in Caledon Ontario, just 55 km northwest of Toronto. Since 1949 it has been owned by Hart House and managed by the students and alumni of the Farm Committee and Hart House.

The Farm Committee has a fivefold mandate:

- Creating developmental policies within a sustainability and equity framework, including land use and building renovations.
- Organizing social activities at the Farm and on campus, including four seasonal events: Cider ‘n Song, Winter Carnival, Sugaring Off and Midsummer’s Eve.
- Organize farm workdays, whereby Committee members partake in activities such as sugar bush maintenance, small agricultural projects, wood splitting and trail maintenance.
- Overseeing the proper use of Hart House Farm by various groups.
- Work in alliance with campus groups to promote sustainability.

Volunteers are always welcomed!

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Contact Information

Primary Contact
Cynthia Nevins
Secondary Contact
Tom Moss
P: (416) 946-8391
Group Email Address
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Group Profile

Organization Type
Hart House Groups
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Environment and Sustainability
Student Governments Unions and Councils

Group Leaders

Cynthia Nevins
Administrative Assistant, ILCE
Tom Moss
Staff Advisor