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Hart House Orchestra

The Hart House Orchestra is an auditioned group that provides its participants with opportunities to perform in a challenging orchestra led by Principal Conductor Henry Janzen. The orchestra has a large membership of dedicated but non-professional members who enjoy classical music. The group performs 3 concerts a year at Hart House, as well as one concert at a location out of town. The Orchestra often collaborates with other groups and runs an annual concerto competition; they enjoy tackling a difficult and rich repertoire. The orchestra exists to help those people interested in fine tuning their playing skills and techniques to reach a higher level of proficiency.
The Orchestra holds two open rehearsals at the beginning of the year and several auditions in the following days. Concerto The Competition is usually held in the second term and is open to everyone. The orchestra often has spots available in the string section well into the first term and usually requires ringers for specialized solos, so please contact us if you are interested.
Weekly rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 8:00PM – 10PM in the Great Hall at Hart House.

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Contact Information

Primary Contact
Cynthia Nevins
Secondary Contact
Rick Palidwor
P: 416-978-5363
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Hart House Groups
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St. George
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Cynthia Nevins
Administrative Assistant, ILCE
Rick Palidwor
Staff Advisor