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Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network (DICAN)

We aim to be a weaver organization bringing together communities across all three campuses to ensure access to affordable, sustainable, nutritious, culturally appropriate foods for everyone on campus; supporting projects and programs that enhance learning; and placing UofT in a leadership position in Campus Sustainable Food Systems Development, with a global perspective.
1.Striving to achieve:
a. an anti-oppressive and anti-violent campus food system which will address and aim to dismantle power imbalances, centering the voices of students and particularly students of marginalized identities.
b. ensured, barrier-free access to nutritious food for any student in need
c. create influential change in U of T administrative food policies
d. a network for U of T community to share and educate one another about food issues

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Kristy Bard
Secondary Contact
Samantha Fassnacht
Group Email Address
Contact Us
Official Group Website

Group Profile

Organization Type
Recognized Student Group
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Athletics And Recreation
Environment and Sustainability
Social Justice/Advocacy
Renewal Date
December 31, 2030

Group Leaders

Samantha Lucchetta
Kristy Bard
Acting Cooridinator
Denelle Carvalho
Campus Agriculture Co-Coordinator
Samantha Fassnacht
Campus Agriculture Co-Coordinator