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Hart House Underwater Club

The Hart House Underwater Club was founded at the University of Toronto in 1962 and keeps its members busy with a summer dive schedule, various trips and a variety of activities! We offer NAUI Scuba Diver courses each fall and spring term, and other courses throughout the year. Housed under the auspices of Hart House, club affairs are organized by a panel of executives elected each year by all interested HHUC members. Every year, HHUC offers SCUBA courses from the introductory levels upward taught by certified instructors at affordable prices. For certified divers of all levels of experience, there are numerous club dives scheduled throughout the summer season. As well, there are a number of special events the club organizes for its members as well as outside events at which the club is well represented. To find out more of these events, check out our latest newsletter or join our listserv for instant e-mail notifications.

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Contact Information

Primary Contact
Cynthia Nevins
Secondary Contact
Martin Bonert
P: (416) 978-3999
Group Email Address
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Group Profile

Organization Type
Hart House Groups
Campus Association
St. George
Areas of Interest
Athletics And Recreation
Hobby and Leisure

Group Leaders

Cynthia Nevins
Administrative Assistant, ILCE
Martin Bonert