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The Student Medium is the Message

The Student Medium is the Message

Get your message out there!

Student radio, newspapers, journals and online media at U of T inform students about everything from student politics and campus news to global issues and local arts and culture. The tradition of student-run media at U of T is strong and vibrant, boasting a campus radio station with the broadest signal reach of any Canadian university, and a campus newspaper that’s more than 125 years old and serving as the training ground for many of Canada’s professional journalists, broadcasters and commentators. All faculties and colleges have their own media outlets, all seeking students to write, edit and participate by voicing their thoughts.
Below is only a sampling of student media on U of T campuses.

A full list of campus newspapers and radio stations is available on Ulife.


the newspaper
U of T’s independent weekly since 1978, the newspaper is published every Thursday during he academic year and welcomes contributions from all members of the university community.

The Varsity
U of T’s student newspaper since 1880, the Varsity is published twice weekly and is always looking for enthusiastic writers, photographers, cartoonists and copyeditors to maintain its tradition as U of T’s unofficial school of journalism.

CIUT 89.5 fm 
Toronto’s pre-eminent listener-supported presenter of leading-edge music and spoken-word programming 24/7 since 1966.  CIUT is volunteer-run and welcomes student participation.


The Medium  

The Medium is the print media voice for the students of UTM. It allows students the opportunity to express their creative side in print, and to foster an interest in journalism. Writing resources and editing help are available through a diverse team of editors that are elected for each academic year. Resources include a darkroom, as well as free writing and photography sessions available to all students. Volunteer writers are always welcome to join the Medium’s team and can also submit pieces on a topic of their choice for personal interest or portfolio development.

CFRE Radio

Hosted by UTM’s own, home grown talent, CFRE provides opportunities for students to get involved as DJs and on-air personalities. On campus, tune your dial to 91.9FM or listen live online or broadcast live through the great hall of the Student Centre. CFRE focuses on Canadian and independent music in all genres, including rock, alternative, hip hop, heavy metal, jazz, folk, and world music.


The Underground 
UTSC’s official student newspaper, The Underground is published on Thursdays during the school year, and welcomes contributions from all members of the university community.

Scarborough Fusion Radio 
Fusion Radio is managed by a dedicated team of student and community members acting as DJs, staff, board members, and station volunteers. The station creates opportunities for artistic and cultural expression, and by provides a venue for discussion on current campus and community issues.

Archived: 10 March 2009